About Us

Our Company

Donny Windham joined AmeriGas in 1979, involved in CO2, Dry Ice, Chlorine and Ammonia. Forming lifelong friendships with customers based on trust, service and response.

Upon leaving AmeriGas in 1993, Donny and Diann started D&D WinC O2 for the purpose providing equipment and service for the myriad of industries requiring CO2. WinC O2 can provide all the equipment related to any CO2 use, from CO2 tanks, food spirals, snow horns to PH control and Coffee or laser applications.

Working with other small regional companies across the United States, we have a group of Techs, Engineers, Manufacturers and Stainless Steel Specialists to answer just about any questions you might have for your project.

Our Strengths

Working with small, service oriented technical firms and regional gas suppliers, we have gradually built our business and established our reputation for integrity and customer satisfaction.

Other Services

Although we specialize in CO2 and N2 food processing, we also work closely with the bottling, aerosol, welding and other related industries.

Consultation on CO2, AR, O2 and N2 contracts, gas pricing, application equipment and processing is available. In addition, we can provide assistance in locating the most cost efficient national regional gas supplier for your facility.

WinC O2 can provide all the equipment related to any C O2 use, from C O2 tanks, Dry Ice pelletizers and Dry Ice application equipment, food freezers, cabinets, and spirals, snow accumulation and application equipment to PH control and Coffee, MAP mixers and laser applications.